Marine EC offers a range of subsea cable protection accessories. The range below is used extensively for the Offshore Wind Industry. The same very products can also be used for cable protection in the oil and gas industry.


  1. J-Tube

J-tubes support and protect cables between the bottom of the sea and the top part of the offshore wind foundation, where they are connected to the substation or the offshore wind turbine. J-tubes provide the necessary protection of the cables and are an essential part of any offshore wind foundation structure.

2. J-Tube Seal (J-Tube Centralizer)

The J-Tube Seal works to centralise and partially seal a cable in the J-Tube riser of an offshore wind structure. The J-Tube Seal is composed of a Ductile iron body with flexible Polyether ears. The J-Tube Seal is attached to a cable prior to deployment for a diverless installation.

3. Bend Restrictor

Bend Restrictors are typically polyurethane components designed to limit the bend radius of cables by mechanical means during installation and operation.

4. Hang-off Clamp

The hang-off clamp secures the cable at the top of the foundation (j-tube or monopile) and allows it to be terminated.

5. Concrete Mattress

Concrete mattresses provide a recognized engineering solution for several of the challenges faced in Offshore Wind subsea cable protection. They are cost-effective and may be readily deployed using standard handling systems.

Typically, concrete mattresses may be used to provide :

 Protection from dropped objects
Added weight and stabilization
 Scour prevention
 Crossover support and separation for pipelines and umbilicals
 Supports or foundations for other subsea activities
 Riverbank erosion control

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